Giving Thanks

Each year we have so much to give thanks for and this year is no different.  2013 came with many highs and one very big low but I am grateful for every moment.  This year I am thankful for . . .

. . . becoming one family

giving thanks  . . . making sure I had moments with my Grandmom either in person or on FaceTime

giving thanks

. . . this nutball

giving thanks

. . . for Grandmom having a talk with the big guy, making sure we had a mostly rain free wedding day

giving thanks. . . getting to spend more time with these girls than I have in years

giving thanks

. . . for achieving dreams

giving thanks . . . and funny signs to keep you motivated

giving thanks

. . . for these girls who always make moments entertaining

giving thanks . . . for great doctors

giving thanks . . . having an excuse to act like a kid

giving thanks . . . for eating under the stars

20131128-064832.jpg . . . snow day fun

giving thanks. . . dancing cheek to cheek

giving thanks . . . completed home projects

giving thanks . . . an amazing five years

20131128-065211.jpg and finally, for moments like this–

giving thanksHazel wants to add she is thankful for–

. . . pizza

giving thanks . . . and friends

giving thanksgiving thanks


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