Glitter and Gold Diane

If there are two things you need to know about me (that you’ve already most likely picked up on) is my love of glitter and gold.  I can easily trace my love of glitter and gold back to one person.


Seriously, I had the Glitter and Gold Jem doll, watched the show, and repeatedly listened to my Jem tapes much to my parents chagrin.  How can a young impressionable girl not swoon over glitter and gold after seeing this-

Just call me Glitter and Gold Diane.

Gold Spray Paint Tutorial

My parents brought a few empty frames from my Grandmom’s house during the final clean out and on a whim I decided to take it.  After gazing at it on and off for a few days, I thought it would make a great mirror for our dining room.  One nice, sunny November day, I broke out the spray paint to see how a fresh coat would look.

I did that and felt the frame lost all it’s detail and fell very flat with just the gold spray paint.  You might like the flat look but I felt such a frame needed more oomph. . . I am Glitter and Gold Diane after all.

Gold Spray Paint Tutorial

Here’s how it went down-

What you will need

  • Paint Brush
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Frame
  • Paper towels
  • Gold Spray paint (this will work with silver too)
  • Qtips
  • Water

1. Find can of gold spray paint in the garage.  I’ve used a few brands of gold spray paint and really like the tone of Rustoleum’s gold metallic.

2. I wiped down the frame since it’s been sitting in my grandmom’s closet for who knows how long.  It could have even spent the better part of the 20th century in my great grandmom’s house before my grandmom cleaned out her house.

Gold Spray Paint Tutorial

3. Take it outside and lay it on cardboard.

Gold Spray Paint Tutorial

4. Spray a thin coat of paint.

Gold Spray Paint Tutorial

5. Repeat an hour later.

6. Once it’s dry take your tube of black paint and squirt a bit onto a paper plate.  My suggestion is to squirt small amounts on the plate to prevent paint waste.

Gold Spray Paint Tutorial

Side note: I originally thought burnt sienna would be a better color to accent the detailing.  I was wrong.  It looked like baby poop on the mirror.  Stick with the black paint.

7. Now paint over the frame with the black, trying to get the paint into all the groves. You want to go light on the paint because the heavier you paint it now, the more you have to wipe off later. Also don’t cover a large area, work in a 3-4 inch wide area.

Gold Spray Paint TutorialGold Spray Paint Tutorial

8. Take your paper towel and wipe the black off the raised parts, leaving it in the recesses.

Pretend there is black paint on here.  Apparently I deleted the picture of this step.

Pretend there is black paint on here. Apparently I deleted the picture of this step.

Side note: this part is all your preference– you can adjust your level of accenting by controlling how much you wipe off.

Gold Spray Paint Tutorial

9. Slowly work your way around the frame. This took me about an hour and a half (done in small increments).

10. After you finish with the black and notice it darker in area, just wet a qtip and remove the paint. Acrylics are water based which makes this part very easy.

Gold Spray Paint Tutorial

11. I noticed a few areas where the frame chipped while painting (mostly due to the frame’s age), so I used my gold paint pen to touch up the spots.

Gold Spray Paint Tutorial

Now this is where you can do whatever you want with the revitalized frame.  I planned to turn it into a mirror but you can do anything–

A fancy cork board for your wall . . .

Gold Spray Paint Tutorial

A mirror to gaze at your awesome self in . . .

Gold Spray Paint Tutorial

Or even chalkboard to write fun notes on . . .

Gold Spray Paint Tutorial
In the end, I spent $16 to have a piece of mirror cut and installed that would make Grandmom and Jem proud.

Gold Spray Paint tutorial

Side note: I had my mirror cut at Doylestown Glass.  When I called they told me to bring the frame with me so they could cut an accurate piece of mirror (frames can be wonky).  They also mentioned a $10 installation fee.  It would take me forever to figure out how to install the mirror and I didn’t want to scratch the backing so I was sold on the fee.  Ended up being only $5 and they had the mirror cut and installed even before my receipt printed.  Best $16 spent.


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