Five on Friday . . . on Sunday: Christmas Crafts

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got about 20 different crafts going on as presents for friends and family. I’ve finished a few but an extra 15 days between now and Christmas to finish all my planned crafts.

Side note: Sorry for the delay with Friday’s post– occupational week from hell followed by a busy weekend.

Are you working on any projects? If not, here are a few to get started with as today’s Five on Friday.

1. Dog Bandana


Every dog deserves to look his/her best during the holiday season so think about making a scarf. I made Hazel and her friend, Chloe, one with Santa fabric yesterday.

2. Human Scarf


For some reason I like to crochet during the winter, does anyone else? This pattern makes an interesting design thanks to the crocodile stitch. Definitely got a request to make one this year for a family friend.

3. Beer Reindeer


Perfect for any party or any non crafty people. If you passed kindergarten, you can handle this project.  Just glue some google eyes onto you bottle and add some brown pipe cleaners.

4. Merry Mail


I’m constantly looking for a way to display our Christmas cards and this method is so very Christmassy. Looks easy and brings a smile to my face.

5. Bapron


A bib apron for the little ones in your life. My friends have recently hopped in the baby train and these will be perfect gifts for their little ones!

Happy Sunday!!


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