It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas

If there is one thing you need to know about Greg, it’s that he loves the Eiffel Tower about as much as he loves Hazel.  Three years ago he met the Eiffel Tower and it’s been love at first sight.  We now have Eiffel Tower everything . . . including tree topper.

Greg and his love of the Eiffel Tower.

Greg and his love of the Eiffel Tower.

Yes, I custom made Greg an Eiffel Tower tree topper because the Pottery Barn Eiffel Tower tree topper was out of our price range.

EIffel Tower Tree Topper DIY

Side note: I refuse to spend $80-$100 on a tree topper.  Nope, not happening.

We previously used an angel tree topper I made in the apartment for Ashlea and I.  I also made a matching one for our friend Kathy since I used Nova colors for the angel.  But I’m slowly working on removing things that represents us with someone else (kitchen table, you are next!) to find a way to represent us as a family.

Sure, it might be completely girly but Greg loves the idea . . . which now brings us to the Eiffel Tower tree topper.

EIffel Tower Tree Topper DIYAfter seeing the Pottery Barn light, I estimated we could easily accomplish it since metal Eiffel Towers seemed to be everywhere.  Instead of using the traditional Christmas tree lights on the Eiffel Tower, we decided to use the wire LED fairy lights.  The store offered us two options 30 LED lights or 100 LED lights per strand.

Go big or go home.

30 feet of wire LED fairy lights were on their way to us, thank you Amazon Prime.

At lunch the next day, I ran to Home Goods on my hunt for an Eiffel Tower.  Nope, I swear it felt like they were everywhere when I last went shopping but now nothing.  Good thing Michael’s didn’t let me down.  They had an Eiffel Tower jewelry holder.  At first the hooks at three levels worried me but they served as the perfect anchor for lights and garland.  So let’s get started with how to make one–

What you will need

  • Eiffel Tower Jewelry Holder (found at Michael’s)- $10 after coupon
  • Garland*
  • 30 feet of LED fairy lights- $20
  • Mini Christmas balls (also from Michaels)- $2.20
  • White Spray Paint*
  • Silver sparkle spray paint*

*already owned

Total Cost- $32.20

1. Spray your Eiffel Tower white.  Don’t be an idiot like me and do this in an unventilated room.  Open a window or two.

EIffel Tower Tree Topper DIY

2. Repeat for at least one more coat.

3. Once dry, spray it with the silver glitter.  If you are buying all the supplies, feel free to skip this step.

4. Let it dry.

5. Dig through all your Christmas decoration to find something you can repurpose.

6. Garland!  Bingo!!

EIffel Tower Tree Topper DIY

7. Strip a few individual branches around the top and anchor to the hooks.

EIffel Tower Tree Topper DIY

Side note: Your pants will look like this.

EIffel Tower Tree Topper DIY

8. Repeat for the middle hooks and then the bottom level of hooks.

EIffel Tower Tree Topper DIY

9. Add a big silver bow and put it on the tree to see if you like it.

10. Realize the bow is awful and remove.

11. Open the box of LEDs and freak out over how long 30 feet really is.

EIffel Tower Tree Topper DIY

12. Open a Christmas beer and chug.

13. Look at bottle and wonder if it could be turned into a Christmas Beer Bottle Lamp?

14. Get back to the task at hand.

15. Thread the cord down the bottom top of the Eiffel Tower and start from there.

EIffel Tower Tree Topper DIY

16. Wrap the wire around the top nub of the tower and start weaving through the top four hooks,

EIffel Tower Tree Topper DIY

Side note: The one thing we had against the Pottery Barn Eiffel Tower was the lack of trunk sparkle.  The Eiffel Tower glitters at night and we wanted our to glitter just as much.

17. Start wrapping the lights around the trunk.  I had no real method here other than not to use the same pattern because it resulted in the lights falling at the same spot.

Side note: you can twist the wire to change the distance between two lights.

18. Leave about 10 feet for the bottom half.

19. At this point, I would take pieces of garland off to wrap the lights around it or the hooks. I would do one side, go down the leg (just to where it hit the bottom level) and back up to work on the next side.  Once I hit the last side, I went down the leg and to the bottom level of garland.

20. I repeated the same process for the bottom garland level but monitor your LED length as you progress around the Eiffel Tower because you don’t want to run out.

We placed it on the tree at this point and it blended in more than I wanted it to.  Off to Michael’s I went for something to make it pop!  The mini red balls were perfect because they matched the red balls on our tree.

21.  Count your red balls and evenly divide them among your four sides (three levels per side).

EIffel Tower Tree Topper DIY

22. Tied the red balls to the Eiffel Tower.

EIffel Tower Tree Topper DIY

23. Place on tree and be happy!

EIffel Tower Tree Topper DIY

To us, our $32 tree topper looks much more festive than the $80 Pottery Barn tree topper.  Plus, it’s something that represents us as a couple (ok, mostly Greg) and it’s a way to kickstart our own traditions.  Hope you holiday prepartions are going well!

Our Hazel proof tree

Our Hazel proof tree


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