A New Year, A New Address

undomestic goddess header copyEver notice how the new year prompts everyone to start eating better/better themselves?  I’m not going to lie, the blog has similar priorities starting with a big one– a new web address.


So dear readers, it’s time to update your bookmark or RSS feeder.  Maybe even add me to your Bloglovin’ app.  More readers make Diane a very happy blogger.  It’ll encourage me to post more!  If this is too complicated, just like us on Facebook and my posts will appear in your New Feed.

Now the Q&A-

Why, oh why did you do this?

Well, with all the new traffic I didn’t think the original dipez fit with my blog.  When I made my original two posts back in 2007, it fit.  I wanted an address to fit my blog name.  Although present Diane would have told past Diane to go with Undomestic Diane since it’s easier to purchase that domain.

Wait, I love your XYZ post, will I lose my bookmark/pin?

Nope!  Everything will stay and you can still reach my site through the http://www.dipez.com or dipez.wordpress.com links.

Are there more changes coming?

Yes, I’m thinking about building custom site.  We’ll see if this actually happens or not . . . much like me posting a tutorial on how we did our dining room curtains.

Is there anything I need to know?

Comments and Pins make me happy!  In the new year, I’d like to hear from more of you.  Comments/likes help me determine what direction I should be taking.  I’ve seen how many views my Make It a Meal feature receives, so I know to keep writing them.

2014 should be an amazing year, Greg and I have a few projects planned out and unlike previous years, set a house budget which I’ll get into further next week.  To kick off your weekend on the right foot (especially if you’re dealing with snow like we are), here is Hazel’s 2013 flipagram.

Side note: If you don’t have the flipagram app, download it because it is addictive.    Here’s ours.


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