Make It a Meal Monday: Warm Blueberry Cheese Dip

There’s nothing better on a cold Sunday afternoon in January than watching the Philadelphia Eagles in a playoff game while eating a delicious appetizer.

Sadly, after Saturday’s performance only one of these things will now be happening.

Yes, the appetizers!  Every Monday of January, Make It a Meal is going to feature an appetizer to get your tastebuds ready for the feasts of all feasts—Super Bowl Sunday.

Today’s recipes is a salty and sweet dip which will make your taste buds sing.  The best part about the recipe is that it’s easy to make and a huge crowd pleaser.

Warm Blueberry Dip Recipe

Side note: I was able to use blueberries from Greg’s birthday adventure.  We froze all the unused blueberries before they went bad.

Now on to the recipe!

Warm Blueberry Cheese Dip  (from How Sweet It Is)


  • 8 ounces sharp cheddar cheese
  • 1 brick of cream cheese
  • 1 ½ cups of blueberries (fresh or frozen)

1. Shred the sharp cheese (or buy preshredded).

Warm Blueberry Dip Recipe

2. Cube the cream cheese and mix with sharp cheese.

Warm Blueberry Dip Recipe

3. Add blueberries and mix.

Warm Blueberry Dip Recipe

4. Place in an oven safe dish or be lazy like me and do all the previous step in the oven safe dish.

5. Bake at 375 degrees for 30 minutes, stirring at the 15 minute mark.

Warm Blueberry Dip Recipe

6. Enjoy!

Warm Blueberry Dip Recipe

You can serve this with scoops (amazing choice), a sliced/toasted baguette, or any salty treat you’d like.


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