A Christmas Surprise

As we start taking down and packing our Christmas decorations, I thought it’d be a great time to share our holiday with you . . . and one massive Christmas surprise.

Let’s start off with Hazel, her Aunt Laura officially turned our puppy into a hipster by giving her this ensemble.  The hat did not last long on Hazel but the scarf remained on all Christmas.

Bathroom MakeoverIn case you’re wondering, it took three of us and a bag of Reece’s Pieces to capture this shot of Hazel.  Speaking of pictures, I received a new lens for Christmas . . . . which I love!  It’s a 50mm lens which allows to create the blurry backgrounds like this

Greg heading to the Mummer's Parade

Greg heading to the Mummer’s Parade

Greg received the biggest surprise of all early in December when he came home to this-

bathroom makeoverWe had just spent Thanksgiving weekend peeling the remaining wallpaper and patching the walls because I had started it a few weeks ago and convinced Greg I was going to do it for him to make our life easier when we actually makeover the room.

Little did he know that we spent Thanksgiving week peeling/patching because my Dad and I would be redoing the bathroom on Monday.  The entire Thanksgiving weekend, I managed to convinced my wrist-casted husband:

  • I just wanted to learn how to patch a wall;
  • It would make our life easier in January when we start redoing the room;
  • It was a holiday weekend and we needed to be projecting.

He bought my story so well that he was picking colors for the wall (too late, I already had the gallon hiding in our guest room).  Fortunately, we wanted similar colors which caused me a few moments of unease until I started talking about my chosen color (Parisian Taupe) which he agreed would look great.

But I need to get back to Monday and the door.  Greg came home to this and thought I was messing with him because I told him I picked up a toilet paper holder . . . and then he opened the door.

Bathroom makeover

He stood there dumbfounded for minutes because it didn’t look like it did earlier that morning.

bathroom makeover

The room has been our biggest failure in that we never completed the room.  Each morning it taunted us with it’s unfinished, somewhat peeled walls.  We list this room as a to do every year and never do anything.  Now it can’t taunt us anymore.

bathroom makeover

bathroom makeover

bathroom makeover

bathroom makeoverDon’t worry, I’ll do a full breakdown of costs and how this occurred but we wanted to share our Christmas with you before the Superbowl (let’s be honest, I’m a slower blogger).  How was everyone’s holiday?  Did you do any projecting or subject your pet to embarrassing pictures?


2 thoughts on “A Christmas Surprise

    • Thank you!! The wallpaper had been mostly off for two year but we spent part of the weekend sanding/spackling/patching but then the next day, my dad and I did the rest. The vanity was painted at a later date.

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