Five on Friday: Budget, Budget, Budget

Everywhere I turn on the internet, people are defining their year with one word.  I guess for us that word is budget.  Greg and I have never set a budget for anything but this year we decided to.  We started a spreadsheet and wrote a few numbers down for our downfall categories– house, eating out, and entertainment  We might be only a few days into the new year but we are doing pretty darn good . . . with no signs of us becoming extreme couponers.


Side note: Our home budget is $3,000 this year (I’ll break it down in another post).

Fortunately, we have a multitude of resources available to us online.  Today’s Five on Friday is dedicated to helping you budget to meet your financial goals.



We love because it allows us to link us various credit cards and they analyze our spending.  You can even set budgets for categories and they will send you emails once you near the maximum.    Once you log in, the site lets you assign categories to all your purchased.  Even better, you can add it as an app to you phone for easy access on the go.


2. Basic Budget Steps

Frugal Freebies and Deals offers readers four steps to planning a budget.  Her steps are simple and help you decide where to start.  Budgets can be scary but she provides the baby steps I needed to get started.

3. 10 Easy Ways to Cut Your Budget

Let’s be honest, Greg and I will never cut cable.  We discussed it but we like watching sports too much.  Television and movies are a huge part of our routine which we enjoy.  Other than “the cut cable” suggestion Women’s Day offers more ideas on how to save money while let you maintain your lifestyle.


4. 12 Best Frugal Living Site

Pinterest might not hold all the answers but one of these twelve sites could offer more insight to frugal living.


5. Budget Forms

Last but not least, forms to help you get your budget moving!

Happy Friday!


3 thoughts on “Five on Friday: Budget, Budget, Budget

  1. I started my budget and determination to be debt free Jan 2011. It is now 2014, and I am just over 40k debt free by implementing Dave Ramsey’s debt-snowball. It really truly works. Never listen to naysayers.

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