Piping Hot Chocolate

If there is one thing I love, it’s when people ask me to help them craft.  It’s even more rewarding when the craft is for their wedding.  Over the summer, my good friend and former race buddy (she was replaced by Greg) approached me about mason jar snow globe favors for her upcoming winter wedding.

hot chocolate wedding favorsAs much as I love the mason jar trend, I needed her to be realistic– she needed 200 of these for her December wedding.  Then we started exchanging ideas which went something like this:

Diane: How about a Christmas ornament?

Kathy: How about this mason jar candle?

Diane: What do you think of hot chocolate in a piping bag?

Kathy: Can we do hot chocolate in a mason jar?

Kathy needed brutal honesty and a mock up at this point.

Diane: Do you have room in your Hoboken apartment for 21 cases of mason jars?  How are you going to transport 21 cases of filled mason jars to the venue?  How do you feel about transporting them to your sisters and then back to your apartment?  Is Christine fine with 21 cases of mason jars in her house?  During lunch I dug threw my craft stuff and made you a mock up of the piping bag hot chocolate favors.  What do you think?

hot chocolate favors

Kathy: So I shouldn’t do mason jars?

Kathy: Wait, how did you have all that stuff in your house?  I love it.

The piping bag hot chocolate favor is a simple favor to make especially if you have wine and helpers.  We set a weekend and I made my conditions crystal clear– we need two helpers and wine.  The project took three people (there were four of us but two of them only did half a person’s work) about three and half hours to make 200 favors.  We could have made them faster but we’re girls and we ended up gossiping.  Let’s get started-

What you will need

  • Hot chocolate tubs
  • Piping Bags
  • Ribbon
  • Rubber Bands
  • Marshmallows
  • Custom Stickers
  • Wine

1. Before we started filling the bags, I cut all the ribbon to 16″.  To quickly accomplish this task, I found a plate which was 8 inches wide and wrapped the ribbon around it.  I went around the plate 30 times and then cut the ribbon down one side of the plate.  We instantly had 30 ribbons at 16″.  I repeated until the entire 100 yards was done.

hot chocolate favors

2. Pour cocktails or wine for all your helpers.

3. Have one person separate the piping bags while two of you fill piping bags with one serving of hot chocolate.  Do not round your  scoops because you will be short hot chocolate later.

hot chocolate favors

4. Once a bag is filled, tie it off with one of those rainbow loom rubber bands and trim excess bag.

hot chocolate favorshot chocolate favorshot chocolate favors

5.  Drink some more and decide to play the house hunters drinking game.

6. Once you have all the piping bags filled with hot chocolate, open a few bags of marshmallows.

7. Place one filled piping bag in an empty piping bag and place 16-20 mini marshmallows on top.  I found smooshing the tied part of the filled bag down, helped great a flat space for the marshmallows

hot chocolate favorshot chocolate favors

8. Tie bag and cut the piping bag to a length you like.

9. Hold a bow tie competition.  Whoever does the best bow, is selected as the person who ties the bow on the favors.

hot chocolate favorshot chocolate favors

10. Add the sticker to the piping bag.

hot chocolate favorshot chocolate favors

11. And you are done!  Don’t be like us and incorrectly count your total (I blame the wine).

hot chocolate favors

A few weeks later, we saw the favors at the wedding and they looked great.  People kept complimenting Kathy on them all night.  Project success, if you ask me!

hot chocolate favors

Now for the all important breakdown.

Price Breakdown

  • Hot chocolate (3) $24
  • Piping Bags (400) $26
  • Ribbon (100 yards) $20
  • Rubber Bands (1 bag) $3
  • Marshmallows (4 bags) $6
  • Custom Stickers (240) $23
  • Wine (optional) $30

Total Price without wine: $102 or $0.51 per favor.

Side note: You were probably expecting a post on the bathroom but after rewriting it several times, I finally figured out how I wanted it to flow. Over the weekend I plan on writing it.


4 thoughts on “Piping Hot Chocolate

  1. Super cute favours 🙂 I feel for your friend – It’s so frustrating when you get an idea in your head that’s AWESOME and the rational part of your brain can’t persuade the rest that it’s just not practical. That happens to me all the time. Lucky for her, she had you!

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