Five on Friday: Let the Games Begin

Butter up some popcorn and find a comfy seat because in less than a week the Olympics start and we need to get into the mood.

Wondering how to get into the Olympic mood short of trying to bobsled down your street?  Well, it’s a good thing Greg and I got bored in a car ride because we put together the ultimate winter olympic movie watching list.

Fine, we just went with five because we don’t have a bajillion hours to waste watching movie.  We hope you pull up a chair and enjoy some of the movies before the Opening Ceremonies on friday.

1. The Cutting Edge

Only one thing to say about this movie, “Toepick!”

2. Cool Runnings

Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, its bobsled time!

3. Miracle

Based on a true story on the USA beating Russia in a hockey game.  Kind of appropriate for this year’s Sochi’s games.

4. Blades of Glory

It wasn’t until we started looking up Olympic movies that we realized this one was actually an Olympic movie.  Everyone loves figure skating and it doesn’t get better than Chazz Michael Michaels partnering Dynamite.

5. Men with Brooms

To be honest, we’ve not seen this movie but it’s about curling and has Leslie Nielsen so you really can’t go wrong.  Plus, I there is a huge lack of winter Olympic movies.

Have a great weekend!


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