Will U B My Valentine?

Valentine’s Day will always be a special day for me– we got for first chocolate lab, Indy, on Valentine’s Day. Best seven pound of chocolate we ever received.


But the wait from New Year’s to Valentine’s is cold and lonely.  Once we packed and put away all our Christmas decorations, our home felt stark and naked.  Sure I kept a few snowman related items out for the month of January which probably is why it snowed so freaking much this month.  As soon as February approached, I knew we needed some lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day décor with my current chocolate lab.

By décor I mean a door hanger, Hazel’s sweet face, and what I’m about to show you.

It all started so innocently on Pinterest (as most house projects do), I saw a cute Valentine’s Day personalized faux conversation hearts.  The next thing I know, I’m in line AC Moore with wooden hearts and craft paint.


Pinterest strikes again. Sigh.

candy heart name hanger diy

An hour later and a few hot glue burns, and I’ve accomplished my task.

Candy Heart Name Hanger DIYWhat you will need

  • Wooden hearts (I went with the 4” hearts)
  • Craft paint
  • Red paint pen (or red letter stickers)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon
  • D-ring

1. Develop a Pinterest addiction.

2. Head to the craft store with total confidence in your crafting abilities and handwriting.

3. Paint each heart with two coats of craft paint using colors matching the candy.

Candy Heart Name Hanger DIY

4. Use the red paint pen to write each person’s name on a heart (feel free to use red letter stickers.)

Candy Heart Name Hanger DIY

5. Look at said heart and realize your handwriting is not all that.

6. Wish you thought of letter stickers before paint pen.

7. Cut a length of ribbon based upon how many hearts you will be gluing.

8. Fold a bit over the D-ring and glue it down.

Candy Heart Name Hanger DIY

Side note: I didn’t use a D-ring because they did not have any, hence our massive ring.

9. Make a pretty bow and glue it down at the top.

10. Glue your hearts on.

Candy Heart Name Hanger DIY

11. Hang and enjoy!

Candy Heart Name HAnger DIY

Now for the all important cost breakdown–

  • Hearts- 75 cents each
  • Paint- 3 for a $1
  • Ribbon- $3
  • Paint pen $1.50
  • Rings $1.80



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