The Name Game

Once you finish planning a wedding, you get to play the name game.

Photo by April Ziegler Photography

Photo by April Ziegler Photography

As much as I love a being partner with Greg, I had the hardest time giving up my identity.  Yes, I understand that I don’t change and I’m still Diane but I lost a part of myself that defined me for the past 30 years.  I accomplished so much under my maiden name that it’s challenging to give it up.  Some women can easily change it over without thinking twice but I couldn’t.  With flights and hotels on our honeymoon booked under my maiden name, I had a few months to struggle over the name game.  Even after those few months, I still had no idea what to do.

Side note: I related my name dilemma to a few recently married friends they told me they regretted losing their maiden name.  It didn’t hit them right away but looking back, they wished they did it differently.

Now I know what you are thinking– make it your middle name.  I am, but it was not an easy decision due to a few factors– the biggest one being my Grandmom.  You see, my middle name is her first name and with her passing away this year it felt like changing my middle name resulted in me losing her even more.

See what I mean, not an easy decision.

Men have it easy, nothing changes for you.  You don’t have to essentially rebrand yourself.

Side note: Before you ask what do you mean rebrand- I mean rebrand myself professionally under my new last name.  I work with sales reps from 60 offices and they know me under my maiden name.  Now I need to train them to find me under my new name and to ensure they know I did not leave.

In the end, I did decide to give up my original middle name and replace it with my maiden name.  To celebrate this momentous decision, I bought a new water bottle.

Yes, a new water bottle to monogram.   Guess what, I’m going to teach you how to DIY a water bottle monogram!

diy monogrammed water bottle

1.  I purchased the 32 ounce water bottle with straw at Target and I knew it was love based upon the color.  You can purchase any type of water bottle– Nalgene, BPA free, dollar store.  Just make sure it has a flat surface to apply the monogram.

monogrammed water bottle diy2. Clean it and dry it.

3. I ordered a vinyl monogram on Etsy for a few dollars from Personalized By Sarah.  I picked her store because she offered a glitter vinyl for the monogram.  No, I can’t get more preppy than a glitter monogram on a water bottle and I’m fine with that.  She shipped the monogram incredibly fast.

monogrammed water bottle diy

4. I peeled the monogram off and then placed the bottom half of it back on the paper.  I did this to ease application.

monogrammed water bottle diy

5. I slowly removed the paper (top to bottom) and rubbed the monogram down.  For some reason vinyl decals involve great deal of rubbing.

6. And you are done!

monogrammed water bottle diy

The water bottle has been monogrammed for a few weeks and it’s held up great.  Although the water bottle can go through the dishwasher, I’m not willing to put the monogram through it.  Having something sparkly like this eased the name change just a bit.




One thought on “The Name Game

  1. It’s something I’ve struggled with too, especially since I’m still trying to make a name for myself as a writer. I’ve thought about changing my name when Jack and I get married, but I keep coming to the conclusion that for me it’s not what I want. And since we’re not having kids, it doesn’t even seem necessary.

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