Five on Friday: Babies! Babies! Babies!

I’ve got one really old lady tendency- I love to crochet.  According to my sister, the list is much longer and includes me driving like Miss Daisy is sitting in the back seat but for today’s purposes, we’re going with my crocheting.  This skill comes in very handy as family and friends have babies– one had one in December, one popped today.  Some friends are on the baby train while others are content just practicing.  I’m happy taking their pictures and making them blankets.


Yes, I put my old lady tendency to work with new babies because they need their crocheted blankets.  With another baby due in a few more weeks, I needed to get started on another baby blanket which lead me to the wonders of pinterest.  After combing through all the pins for about two hours, I found five great patters for a baby quilt for today’s Five on Friday.  If you’ve never crocheted before, you’re in luck because you don’t need an old lady to teach you how, Youtube will do it for you.

So on to the Five!


1. Beachcomber Rainbow Blanket


A cheerful quilt done in a simple beachcomber pattern.  Perfect for the family that loves the beach.

2. Chunky Baby Blanket


An ideal concept for a chunky, fast to make baby blanket.  Crochet with three threads to make a colorful blanket for the new baby.

3. Basketweave Blanket


Not going to lie, this is my favorite.  The basketweave adds a little dimension to the blanket and allows you to create something simple but complex looking.

4. Chevron Blanket


Perfect for the trendy mom who just loves chevron.  Now you can make the baby just as trendy too!

5. Fleece No-Sew Blanket

five on friday

For all you who have zero interest in learning how to crochet and still want to make something, here’s an easy no-sew baby quilt made with fleece.  In about 20 minutes, you’ll have a soft washable quilt for the new baby.


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