Five on Friday: Is it Summer Yet?

Brrrrr! It has been so incredibly cold in our area today (and for the next few days according to, the only thing I could think of was trying to keep warm. Heck, I kept our fireplace on for most of the day so that Hazel would be very comfortable.

Yes, I realize she has a fur coat but she’s our pampered pooch.

The cold weather inspired me for today’s Five on Friday—keeping warm. Without much ado, I present the five.


1. Belgian Hot Chocolate

The first thing I think of during cold weather is a nice warm glass of hot chocolate. Maybe even with some mini marshmallows. It must be the kid in me but there is nothing better than sipping on a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day or after shoveling snow. This recipe is for a decadent cup of hot chocolate which looks much better than my diet hot chocolate.

2. Infinity Scarf

Now if you must go out, you need to be prepared for the cold. Consider a DIY infinity scarf which will keep you warm outside and look very trendy when inside. I love me a scarf and wear them all the time because I get cold if it’s below 72 degrees. As much as I love a good winter scarf, I’ve been enjoying the trendy scarves because they match my outfit and I don’t look odd when I keep them on.

3. Beef Stew

Sure a cup of hot chocolate sound divine on a cold day but a bowl of warm soup/stew is heaven. This crockpot version is easy and ideal for those cold days when you don’t feel like cooking but want something warm and filling.

4. T-Shirt Blanket

We all have random t-shirts that we love but just don’t want to give away. Make a t-shirt quilt with those shirts and curl up on the couch with it on those cold days. I made a t-shirt quilt for a friend after college (and have my shirts cut out for mine) and it is very important to use interfacing on the backs of the shirts. They will stretch too much with the sewing machine and the interfacing will prevent it.

5. Hot Toddy

Cold day, hot toddy. Does anything else need to be said. Get a good good, a big glass and relax.  If I were you, I’d stock up for the incoming snow storm!

Happy Friday!


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