State of the Union

Ok, it should be more like State of the House Project List but State of the Union sounded much more dignified. This year is a year of firsts for us– first year setting a house project budget, first year filing taxes together, and first year not taking a few days off around a holiday weekend to complete a project from start to finish like we have in the past with:

The last reason is why we haven’t been posting projects too much.  We’ve been slowly working on my office but to complete one stage 90% means we need to be working on the next stage which piggybacks on another stage and I’d hate to share a project stage uncompleted (other than the remaining two percent).  I’ve been attempting to find fun craft projects to enhance your home to provide you with something.

Side note 1: Ok, fine. I’ve also been focused on reading because I put a few books on my nook and got sucked in.  Have you read The Heist by Janet Evanovich?  If not, read it.

Side note 2: According to my stats, the Make It a Meal features are among my most viewed.  If you have any requests (gluten free, dessert, appetizers) put them in the comments section.

Now back to the State of the Union– this past weekend we took massive steps in the office project by installing our hardwood floor but I don’t want to post the project because we did not install the trim.  You see, we are building a custom desk and want the trim to go around the cabinets.

State of the union

See my dilemma.

We started converting my chest of drawers into the faux card catalog and bookshelf but need the weather to warm up since we’re working on the enclosed porch.  The remaining action items on the card catalog involves  installing a new base for the bookcase/adding a trim piece and painting the entire piece.

state of the union

Now why didn’t we take time off to do this?  Simple, this project is too involved. For example, the cabinet paint requires a minimum of 16 hours between coats.  Our goal is to create a check list and start putting checking off those boxes.  I promise this project will be worth the wait.


Diane & Greg


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