Five on Friday: Springing Forward

The snow is rapidly melting and grass is peeking out, the temperature is reaching fifty this weekend, and our clocks are springing forward– this can mean only one thing.

Spring around the corner!

I don’t know about you but with the onslaught of snow this year, I am welcoming any signs of spring with a reckless abandon.  My flip flops are patiently waiting on stand by and I’m ready to get a pedicure.  With spring nearing, it got me thinking of all things spring.  So today’s Five on Friday is dedicated to the spring– activities, eats, and fun.


1. Spring Cleaning


Yes, we all hate cleaning but a spring cleaning is the best way to give everything a good scrub down.  Greg learned that you must move the furniture once a year to clean behind it and we do this during our spring cleaning.  My preferred method for wiping everything down is with a mixture of vinegar and water.  This link offers tips to help you with your cleaning.

2. Bird Nest


This easy project helps the bird build colorful nests this spring.  Just fill it up with small pieces of yarn and the birds will do the rest!

3. Herb Garden


This year we are doing away with my garden boxes  but we will be replacing it with a smaller herb garden.  I’ve been researching all different types and this one is adorable for a small garden.  Ok, I’m just building an herb garden so I can have fresh basil for my lemon basil cocktails.

4. Lemony Butter Cake


I couldn’t do a spring five on friday without some food.  Here is a delicious looking lemony butter cake.  Just looking at it makes me thing of sunny spring days.

5. Bunny Runner


With Easter approaching, this runner is a fun way to bring spring inside.  I’m not going to lie, the tails are what makes this for me.  Just look at the fluffy tails!


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