Five on Friday: Shake Your Shamrocks

Ahhh it’s Friday.  I don’t know about you but it’s been a few long weeks.  Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day Weekend, it’s time to get festive.  You’ll notice I’ve used the word festive quite a bit in today’s post– feel free to turn it into a St. Patrick’s Day drinking game, every time you read the word “festive” take a shot.

Hazel’s already to celebrate the holiday by introducing today’s Five on Friday.

irish soda bread recipe

1. Shamrock Fabric Balls


This is a simple project to make your house a bit more festive for St. Patrick’s Day– all you need are some stick pins, Styrofoam balls, and festive fabric.  I can see these looking great in a giant hurricane on a sideboard.  Heck, these would be great for all the seasons– just head to Joann’s and pick up some fabric.

2. St. Patrick’s Printables


If you’re looking for easy and festive– just print out these St. Patrick’s Day print outs and put in a frame.  It’s easy to do and adds a ton of cheer.  Don’t have a color printer?  Just send to FedEx Kinkos to have them print it for you.

3. Pistachio Pudding Bars

20140312-104008.jpgI love pistachios from pudding to ice cream, it’s a favorite.  When I saw this recipe it seemed perfect– green for the holiday and pistachio for my tummy.

4. Shamrock Pretzel Pops


Perfect to send with your little one to school or perfect to send with your big one to work.  This recipe meets my criteria– it’s easy, it’s fun looking, and it’s bound to make people smile.

5. Sparkling Pinot Grigio with Green Gummy Bears


After a hard day of crafting or cooking for St. Patrick’s Day, it’s time to treat yourself.  Just add a few green gummy bears to your glass and pour sparkling pinot over it.  Festive and fun!

Have a great weekend!



One thought on “Five on Friday: Shake Your Shamrocks

  1. Oh dear – the food pictures are all awesome lip licking delicious looking. <> But I need to hide your picture. If my mommy sees that picture, oh dear piggy – she will be dressing me up! The horror! XOXO – Bacon

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