Five on Friday: Let’s Do a Makeover!

Growing up, I was never one of those “Let’s Give Each Other Makeovers” girls.  Even now the makeover thing is questionable unless Clinique is offering them during Bonus Time.  But show me an empty room or an old piece of furniture and I am all over that makeover.

dining room chairs-12

Walking through the thrift store is heavenly because of all the potential with projects.  Greg and I have excelled (or at least I like to believe we’ve excelled) at makeovers.  We’ve created an island from left over cabinets, gave life to a room covered in textured wallpaper, and redefined a chest of drawers.

Today’s Five on Friday is all about upcycling furniture in honor of Apartment Therapy featuring our bookcase.  Upcycling give a second life to an item.  I’m not going to get into our throwaway society mindset but today’s links show you the potential in old furniture.  Have fun seeing the exciting project people are creating!

Happy Friday!

1. Wingback Chair image This project is mostly to inspire me.  One of the items I took from my Grandmom’s house was her old wingback chair.  My grandmom and grandpa always glued broken items back together or reupholstered the furniture.  They might not have painted furniture like me, but they made sure it got a new life.  Now I want to make sure her chair has a new life in my life.

2. Painted Chest image Not all project need to insanely complicated.  This project highlights painting a design on a old chest.  What’s great about painting is if you mess up, you can paint over it and try again.

3.  Reupholstered Chairs image How beautiful is this pair of chairs!  From dowdy to stunning– it’s all in the fabric and colors.  Go experiment and have fun.

4. Stained Top image Talk about having fun, the project illustrates how versatile stain can be.   You can play around with how much/little stain you apply to an area to maximum impact.

5. Entertainment Center image Now that most of us have flat screen TVs, the old entertainment centers have no use.  Instead of trashing it, consider converting it into something functional like a little kid’s kitchen.


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