What’s a Girl to Do?

Are you a to do list-aholic?  I am and it became an even worse addiction after attending project management seminar at my old job.  Seriously, the class makes your addiction even worse because they promote the use of a daily to do list!

Sure, I’ll make my daily to do list and write it on a post it note but inevitably gets lost in the desk vortex.  Over the past two months of working at a temporary desk (aka the folding table) my desk vortex transitioned into a straight up black hole.  Items start on the desk but disappear, never to been seen again.

I can’t even blame the dog since she’s not allowed upstairs.

Something needed to be done since my manager is due any minute and I received new responsibilities to handle in her absence. Let’s face it, a disappearing post it note would not serve me well in this situation.

A white board is what I needed but would not work on my wall. The next best thing (and much prettier) solution was a picture frame.

Picture frame? Yes, the glass works like a white board! I picked up a pack of thin tip dry erase markers and a frame from HomeGoods.

to do frame

Once home with all my items, I created a lined to do list template in word (attached here) and printed it.

Then I laid the frame’s glass over it to determine how to cut. Trace the shape and cut. Place everything back in the frame and start to doing!

Since my office is still scattered throughout the house, I modeled one of my to do frames with my personal laptop.  The great thing about this whiteboard, is that you can put it anywhere– buy a large one and hang it, small one in the bathroom room to remind kids to brush their teeth, whatever you desire.

to do frame-2

Apparently, all this working bored Hazel.  She believes she is too pretty to work.



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