Five on Friday: Greg the Graduate

Graduation season is upon us and this weekend Greg’s donning his cap and gown to receive his Master’s degree in Sustainable Engineering (anyone looking for an engineer?).  Over the next few weeks people are going to graduation from high school and college which means there will be parties galore!

Hazel graduating obedience school

Hazel graduating obedience school

Today’s Five on Friday offers party, food, and present ideas for the graduate in your life.  No matter where they are graduating from, it is a worthy accomplishment to celebrate.

Happy Friday!

1. Crepe Paper Tassel Garland

05162014FOF1Ok, I have been obsessing over the tissue paper tassel garland and it looked  complicated– in the fact that tissue paper tears so easily.  The crepe paper solution is just brilliant!  Easy to make and a subtle way to incorporate graduation into a party’s decor.  What makes this better over tissue paper is the variety of colors.  Just go to any Target or dollar store and you will find a rainbow of options.

2. Graduation Party Printables

05162014FOF2Looking for an easy way to carry a theme through your cards and party decor?  Then here is an easy solution for you– party printables!  Catch My Party offers free options for water bottle labels, cards, stickers and banners.

3. Graduation Cap Desserts

05162014FOF3A few years ago, I made these graduation caps for a party and they were a massive hit.  Simple to make– you just need icing, chocolate covered graham crackers, and mini peanut butter cups.

4. In Case of Emergency

05162014FOF4Recent graduates can always use money but don’t want to just celebrate with a check?  Here’s a creative way to give them some cash but make it humorous at the same time.  A dollar store frame with a word printout, you’ve got a funny gift for the recent graduate.

5. Trust Me Shirt

05162014FOF5Since today’s post is all about Greg, it’s only fitting the last item correlate to him.


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