Chalk One Up

Close your eyes and imagine a frame with potential but an ugly punctured canvas inside.  Have that image?

Good, because I’m an idiot who erased all the before and during images from this project.

A local thrift store hosts a monthly half off everything sale and for $5, we couldn’t go wrong with the frame (due to all the potential).  I knew it would make the perfect chalkboard sign for our patio and it would only take a few steps to achieve the desired results.

Chalkboards have been popping up everywhere from weddings to birthdays. Our patio’s cabinets have chalkboard contact paper on the top for when we have parties.  Why? Well, we tend to serve all drinks from the cabinet and it’s a great way to label what we are serving and where the beer is.  A framed chalkboard for above the bar has even more uses—during our Phillies Challenge (one beer/one hot dog per inning), we can keep tally on it, for Hazel’s third birthday we can write fun facts on it.  For our upcoming BBQ, it lists our libations.

DIY Chalkboard frameThe only reason I am willing to add so many chalkboard to my life is due to Chalk Ink.  Chalk Ink removes the need for old school chalk.  It works like a marker but is easily removed like old school chalk.

DIY Chalkboard frameSo let’s get started!

What you will need

  • Chalk Ink
  • Foam Core
  • Chalkboard paint or contact paper
  • Frame
  • Staple Gun
  • Spray paint

1. Remove any print/canvas that might be in your frame.

2. Spray paint it the color you desire or keep it as is (depending upon your frame).  I was aiming for a more Tuscan red but ended up with apple red.  Oh well.

3. Cut a piece of foam core to fit inside the frame.

4. Paint with chalkboard paint according to the can’s instructions.

5. Staple gun into the frame.

6. Chalk it up!

DIY Chalkboard frame


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