Let It Go

I’m not going to lie, Let It Go is on my current running playlist. It’s a great song from a wonderful movie but no one seems to love it as much as the under six crowd . . . Judging from my Facebook wall. Frozen is everywhere on my favorite sites from Etsy to Pinterest. Anna & Elsa are completely dominating the internets which has slowly worked into my brain.

So now you’re wonder why am I talking about f*cking Frozen and not some house project or delicious recipe. Here’s why– it’s craft time and craft time today entails crocheting your very own Elsa wig.

DIY Elsa Wig

Full disclosure: this was not for me to wear but for someone in the under six crowd and to force Hazel to wear for a picture.

What You Will Need

  • One skein Red Heart Yarn
  • One smaller skein of a white silver yarn
  • Crochet hook
  • Snowflakes (I used scrapbooking stickers)
  • Yarn needle
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Sequin tiara

1. First I crocheted this cap. It took about an hour/ hour and a half. Red Lion no longer has the pattern I used available. You can use this one but either stop once you get to the second color (otherwise the cap will be too low) or test on your child before deciding how many more rows are needed.

DIY Elsa Frozen Wig2. Cut twelves pieces of Red Heart yarn about 8″ long.

DIY Elsa Frozen Wig3. Find something about 4 feet long. I used our coffee table.

4. Start wrapping your white yarn around it (about 12 times) to create a “hair ball.”

DIY Elsa Frozen Wig5. Wrap your silver yarn around about 5 times.

6. Tie one of the 8″ pieces of yarn on the end (opposite of where your yarn ends are.)

DIY Elsa Frozen Wig7. Cut the other end to create strands.

8. Set aside and repeat 11 more times.

Now comes the fun (and some homemade graphics.

9. You’re going to attach the 12 “hair balls” at each dot.

DIY Elsa Frozen Wig10. Starting at the front, open the hair ball and tie it to the cap on the underside using the 8″ threads. I found working with the cap on my knee helped manage the yarn. Also, work with the crochet hook to pull it through.

DIY Elsa Frozen Wig11. Work down placing them pretty close together.

12. For the top of the “T”‘, I liked to work from the center out.

13. Now all your threads are hanging out on the inside. Using your crochet hook, pull them to the outside because they’ll get woven into the hair.

DIY Elsa Frozen Wig

DIY Elsa Frozen Wig-1314. Find a model for this next stage. I used Greg but a pitcher or child will work too.

DIY Elsa Frozen Wig15. Start arranging the hair into a braid. This can take a bit of time because you’ll be moving hair around to cover any bald spots (aka the crocheted cap.)

16. Tie your braid off and trim the ponytail end to look neat.

17. Laugh at your husband because he looks funny as Elsa.

18. Taking a long thread and the needle, start sewing the hair in place. I tried to work with sewing it into the braid or around the edge but you need to sew it in the back too.

DIY Elsa Frozen Wig

For example, sew where the arrows are to help stabilize the yarn.

For example, sew where the arrows are to help stabilize the yarn.

Side note: don’t worry about people noticing the stitches because you can cover with snowflakes.

19. Attach tiara, I removed it from the headband and tied it to the cap.

20. Start glueing your snowflakes on.

DIY Elsa Frozen Wig-1121. Get a beer because you completed the Elsa wig!

DIY Elsa Frozen Wig-16DIY Elsa Frozen Wig-15

DIY Elsa Frozen Wig-14


29 thoughts on “Let It Go

  1. Oh piggy heavens – that is so adorable. Your ‘stand in’ for modeling is awesome – what a great sport. XOXO – Bacon
    P.S. Remind me about this post if you invite me over to your house. Snorts. I can only imagine the things you could do to me.

  2. This is absolutely adorable. Do you mind if I create an entry for it on Ravelry? I’d love to add it to my queue and post my project photos I’ve completed it.

  3. This is amazing! Thanks for the step-by-step. I’m having trouble envisioning what you mean by “sewing” the hair into place (Step 18). Can you explain it further?

    • You want to sew the hair down to prevent it from shifting on the hat. I’m going to upload a drawing to illustrate what I mean. Hopefully it will help. If not, tell me!

      • I understand now! Thanks for taking the time to do upload the pic. I will have a very happy 5 year old soon….

  4. How exactly did you position the hair on the top of the “T”?? You said you worked from the inside out? Just a little confused. Thanks!

  5. I had the hardest time trying to braid all that long yarn! I made this for my 7 year old niece, and ended up cutting the yarn almost in half before finishing the braid, and it still went to the middle of her back. Great project, just way too much yarn. I would say wrapping it around something that’s 2 1/2 – 3 feet long would be more than enough! Thanks for this step by step!

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