And The Walls Came A Tumblin’ Down

Cuddling can lead to a few things– falling asleep on the couch, more romantical moments, or thinking about putting a hole in the wall. Cuddling in our case definitely led to the latter.

Our family room shares a wall with our kitchen so one night we were cuddling on the couch and I started looking at the big expanse of wall. Of course, this being us, I broached the idea of a pass through window on the wall. A few hmmms and huhs later, the idea started to grow.

Neither one of us loves open floor plan because we like the designated spaces but liked the idea of a pass through window. The window would open up the family room more to the house while making it feel less like an addition to the original house plan.

We then spend two months randomly bringing the idea up while sitting on the couch. So after awhile, we taped up the window dimension on both walls and knew we needed it. One quick mock up later, it was love.

kitchenkitchen-2Then we started the process of finding a contractor because I knew we could not handle a project such as this with our marriage remaining intact. The longer the taped remained on the wall, the more confident Greg because in his wall cutting prowess.

kitchen-4Well, an episode of something on HGTV where they dealt with some homeowner who improperly installed a pass through window stopped all discussion of DIYing it.

$550 and one Saturday later, our lives completely changed.

The new pass through window completely changes the flow between the kitchen and family room for the better. More light reaches the family room and kitchen nook, nor does the nook feel as claustrophobic.

kitchen-5Plus it highlights the table we made over Labor Day (post coming sooner or later). Now we’re just questioning why it took us almost four years to think of it.






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