It’s the Little Things

Two frames. That’s all we needed at Ikea . .  two frames. Somehow Ikea suckered us in with five ceramic vases for my roommates baby shower centerpieces, two frames, and a shoe caddy.

And a cup of coffee for Greg since today’s post discusses our inability to do anything without a cup coffee.

Just kidding, it’s about our new shoe cabinet.

Over the summer we visited our nice neighbors’ house and noticed a table in their hallway which we (ok, I) swooned over. The table completed the hall and didn’t over power it in the way I imagined it would. Greg agreed with my table lust but not to same level of enthusiasm.

Just look at the emptiness

Just look at the emptiness

Enter Ikea. We went earlier in the summer to look at shoe cabinets for the ridiculous amounts of shoes I own and needed to corral but the cabinets didn’t fit the measurement of our closet wall. Although, they did fit perfectly in our hallway table search.

We love adding storage to the house and our hall closet needed it due to keeping our hats, scarves, gloves in a yaffa block bin at on the top shelf (yes, the block is from my freshman year of college). By adding drawers in the hallway, cold days won’t involve me digging through a bin and leaving a trail on the stairs.

ikea storageIkea offered us two solutions: 6.75″ deep and 8.75″ deep. This might be one of the few times when smaller is better. For our hallway, two extra inches overpowered the space but it took an afternoon of me walking past with cardboard 8.75″ inches wide taped to the wall. Taping a piece of cardboard might sound silly but we’ve found by taping up the dimensions or depth of something, it truly helps us get a feeling for a project. By doing this, we’ve saved time and money by knowing what does/doesn’t work size wise.

Ikea storageWhich brings us back to the two frames. We went just to look at the cabinets and add one to our Christmas list. As you can clearly see from this post, we couldn’t wait for Christmas (darn you, Ikea!) Fast forward through us trying to locate the Stall cabinet and the hour spent building it to this–

ikea storageA new home for our keys and winter accessories! The depth works perfectly in the hallway, any deeper it would be intrusive. The drawers are dedicated to hats, gloves, and scarves just in time for the predicted bad winter.

ikea storage









An Eggcellent Solution

We have a morning routine in this house.  First alarm for Greg starts beeping at 4:50AM, he hits snooze, and repeats a few more times.  He showers and get dressed.  My alarm is set for 5:30AM just to join him on the couch while he eats breakfast.  Let’s face it, that doesn’t happen much, I roll over and go back to dream land.  Before he leaves at 6AM, he comes back to kiss me good-bye– to be honest, it’s all a pretense for what he does next.  He opens the bedside drawer for his much needed $1.27.  What, you ask, is this $1.27 for?  Why, a coffee from Wawa.

I might not remember him kissing me good-bye most morning (apparently I blow semiconscious air kisses) but I remember the sound of him rummaging through this:

Alas, that is not the end of his pile ‘o change, more resides on the floor of his man cave:

It’s a good thing I work at home because if I worked someplace with a vending machine, this pile would be gone or filled with more pennies.

When walking past Anthropologie the other day, I found a perfect solution for the change and reducing his morning scavenger hunt.  It’s nothing special, just an ordinary ceramic egg carton with a dozen spaces.

Perfection for organizing 12 days of $1.27.  All he needs to do is open the drawer and grab the day’s change.  Each spot has exactly the amount he needs.  Bigger bonus– it was affordable!  How many things are affordable (in Diane terms) at Anthro?  This sucker was only $14.  I highly recommend it if you need some unique storage solutions.

Look at how easily he can use it.

Now we just need to tackle storage for everything else in the drawer.